The Whiskey Chronicles (in Buenos Aires)

The Whiskey Chronicles (in Buenos Aires)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Boating in Tigre

Bloomberg's bureau chief in Buenos Aires is a boating and fishing fanatic, so my colleague Eliana and I took advantage of his offer to spend a day motoring through the sinuous waterways of the Uruguay and Parana river delta, generally just known as Tigre. A lot of porteños keep weekend homes in the delta which can only be reached by boat. Some are rundown, others gaudy, and one -- which belonged to former President Domingo Sarmiento -- is encased in a giant glass box.*

Restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts cater to the weekend crowd so we joined a full-fledged asado at Los Pecanes, a restaurant/pousada founded by a British-Argentine. I'll try to post a few photos of our trip shortly.

(*Trivia about Sarmiento: he helped lead Argentina to war against Paraguay in the late 19th century, but then decided to retire there after leaving the presidency. For those of you who visited us, Sarmiento has one of the first mausoleums you see when entering Recoleta cemetery.)